Fully-automated Tool Sharpening

Now you can use the same tool for a longer time than you ever imagined. Use our Fully-automated Tool Sharpening Service to sharpen & re-sharpen your Circular Saw Blades, Planer Blades, Shear Blades, Tongue & Groove Cutter Set, or even Router Bits.

Why Fully-automated Tool Sharpening?

With automated, unlike manual sharpening,

  • Separate specially designed machines for the type & shape of the blades (Circular Saw Blades, Panel Blades, Straight Blades & Shear Blades etc).
  • Sharpening of TCT & HSS Blades.
  • Sharpens both the face & the top of teeth.
  • Saw teeth can be of any angle, & tooth angle is set to best performance.
  • Angle Tilting to any angle depending on the requirements.
  • Sharpening is uniform all over the tool.
  • Automatic cooling system of the sharpening machine keeps the blade from heating up during the sharpening process. This prevents the blade from weakening due to heat.
  • Scratches and cracks are removed.
  • Quality of the tool is preserved.
  • Life-time is more than doubled than manual sharpening.
  • Thickness reduction if needed.

In Sri Lanka, it is very very rare to find a fully-automated tool sharpening service. We are proud to be one of those few having fully-automated machines to sharpen blades and other tools.

That is why our clientele is rapidly growing everyday. Let this be an eye-opener for you to switch our Fully-automated Tool Sharpening to increase your profit.