Our Fully Automated Tool Sharpening Machines

See two of our heavily demanded in operation.

Göckel G 50 RSel

Directly imported from Germany, this advanced machine is capable of sharpening many types of blades with very high precision.

  • Grinding Length 1500mm, Width 225mm
  • Electromagnetic Clamping Table
  • Coolant to prevent the blade from damages due to heat
  • High Precision grinding
  • Grinding at any Angle
  • Angle Tilting Depending on Your Angle
  • Face Grinding
  • Thickness Reductions (if requested)

Some of the tools this machine is used for are:

  • Paper Cutting Blades
  • Polythene Cutting Blades
  • Polythene Crusher Blades
  • Plastic Crusher Blades
  • Woodworking Planer Blades (TCT/HSS)
  • Photo-frame Blades
  • Shear Blades
  • Cladding Machine Knives
  • Two-sided Planar Blades
  • Guillotine Blades
  • Printing Machine Blades
  • Rubber Splitting Blades
  • Die Cutting Blades

Camco Widma HKS400

This machine is the circular saw expert that can sharpen both HSS & TCT blades.

  • Saw Diameter: 100mm – 400mm
  • Max Thickness of Basic Body: 6mm
  • Tooth Spacing: Any